Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Universe is Abundant: [Day 1] Finding Your Focus

This blog challenge is very in line with my current personal Kabbalah homework for the month of Elul (Virgo) preparing of Rosh Hashanah in New York. Rosh Hashanah is a 48 hour window of opportunity into the universe that allows you to remove judgements from your life from previous year(s) and start the process of becoming the better new version of yourself in your Transformation in the upcoming year, creating your future self.
My first challenge which is: I think big, all the time. I think in terms of Universe BIG so day to day obligations can get mundane for me and being around small thinking conversation and ideas becomes unbearable, I rarely subject myself to it. I do understand that the small things are a part of life and especially now a part of starting my own business. I have zero fear of my business' success since I have single handedly been responsible for an entire marketing department for the better part of 17 plus years. I ve always had amazing marketing directors I worked with, some of which are in positions around the world in everything from real Estate to top PR firms so there is less than one percent change of failure in my future. My biggest challenge is thinking too big for my current market, clients and growth.
I can dream up a charity black tie gala within a day complete with the perfect guest list, extravagant floral arrangements, chandaliers, ballgowns, a million dollar budget translating that to a more ROI product is more challenging. Scaling my ideas back to accommodate realistic budgets and client wishes is a refreshing new way to view the world of marketing. Being patient with myself and my client's goals is new to me, I contemplate it on the daily. I am fortunate that my lifestyle always seems to catch up to my wishes within a few months of myself conjuring a new direction for my life and ultimately my transformation. 
Each new challenge I see as the universe's way of getting me closer to my next level, pushing me to see my blindspots and giving me the opportunity to fix a shortcoming, revise the way I negotiate with the world to achieve my goals.  I want more freedom to work from home and travel? So I start my own Marketing Consulting company with my first clients encouraging just such culture in the company. Focusing on results not time clock mentality.

Now its my turn to adopt my own desire for this work culture I fought so hard to get, implementing it in my day to day, working for 4 hours on the flight to Switzerland, or taking my laptop to the pool for inspiration and knocking out website redesigns over the weekend. Researching social media platforms, print ads all from different destinations all over the world. Getting home after a full day of strategy and meetings and working on more ideas because I'm "in the zone" instead of turning my creativity off and on because I'm at a desk. These are my new challenges catching up to the idea that the universe is all abundant and I just need to ask. Everyday is part of a complete matrix of opportunities to further my growth, producing more results with each discipline. Recognizing each small thing plays a part from the Blonde Roast venti coffee taking 6 minutes teaching me patience, to going to a new Yoga Sculpt class by myself because my boyfriend slept in and missed it and I thought was a CorePower 2 class, being there already my yoga space secured I do the class this and it aligns with what I needed exactly this morning. Each moment perfectly orchestrated to get me to the next.
This blog is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1